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Andrew DeSoto
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Hello, DeviantART. I'm Andr-uril.

I've been going by my username for so long, ignoring the more interesting stuff about myself. So, I'm updating my Deviant ID with some real info about myself.

About the real me

My real Name, is Andrew. Andrew DeSoto. My bloodline is actually famous in some parts of the world.

I'm related (though not lineally) to Hernando DeSoto. Yes, the famous Spanish Conquistador who came here in the expedition of the new land. You can check him out here:…

If you're an artist who enjoys the olden days Pop/Pulp Art stuff, then you might know about Rafael M. DeSoto. If not, here:… . He's actually my paternal Grandfather.

You might be surprised now. But, I'm not joking. On any of this. This is all the truth. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm 21 years old, and I really like art. I used to be kinda adept in drawing, but I've gotten really good at using PhotoShop instead. But, I like looking at how well other stuff is exploited too.


Now, for some interest lists:


Fetish stuff (Yes, I'm a fetishist):

(I'll be fine just as long as it can at least be implied, and isn't explicitly avoided)



Next, here's some stuff about my friends here on DeviantART:

Friends IRL:

:iconvinkuro: - My best friend, Vinny.

:iconnoconfusion: - One of my old BOCES classmates.

:iconmikuxriku: - Another of my old BOCES classmates.

:iconkitsooki: - And another old classmate from BOCES.

Friends URL :XD::

:iconwordgirlserenity67: - A nice gal.

:iconrangeranime: - Awesome Power Rangers/Super Sentai pic maker.

:iconzeltrax987: - Fellow PR/Sentai fan.

:iconmukatkikaarn: - Very creative vore guy. Created Laurina Den.

:iconyoungngifted: - Friendly and fun person. Created Kaori Tsukuda, my waifu.

:iconkarbo: - The God of Vore! Say what you want, he's the one and only. None other.

:iconjust-a-little-vore: - The Goddess of Vore! And I'm not just talkin' about her pic with that title. As far as I go, she was the Goddess of Vore before that pic was even requested.

:iconjamesvillanueva: - The Lightsaber man! This guy does great!

:iconraeistic: - Fellow Avatar fan and Kataang lover

:iconlabean: - The Giantess King!!!

:icondragon-girl155: - Fun girl to dragon-vore RP with.


Now, here's a little something about my fetish-loving side:

I am a Voraphile, and a yuri fan, and a fetishist, and a mega otaku. I may also seem to be a little childish for my age.
But, one thing I am Not--repeat Not--, is a brony.
If I like a picture of an MLP character eating or being eaten, I like it because it's Vore.


Lastly, something important:

Despite all of this crazy, weird-sounding, mixed up stuff, I am proud to say I am Christian. I am glad to know Jesus Christ as my Savior. When I'm in deep doubt, I lift my hands to the Lord and pray. Without the Lord, we wouldn't even be here, or even exist. And, I know that it is God who has blessed me with my talents. You persecutors can say whatever you want, I'm the one going to Heaven.


Current Residence: Shirley, NY
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: (Haven't really focused on enjoying it much lately, but I still have faves)
Rock, Pop, Rap, Pop Rock, Electronic, Dance, Punk Rock, and more
Favourite style of art:
Cartoon (American and Japanese), 3D CGI, PhotoManipulation, Sprite Pixel Art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Favourite cartoon character:
Aang (Avatar), SpongeBob, Goku (DragonBall Z), and more
Personal Quote: BEHOLD! Star Wars, George Lucas's gift to Earth AND Heaven!

My Youtube

Where I post all my miniature models (Sorta. It hasn't received much of my attention or even been touched in a long time)

Well, that's all of it. Catch y'all around the site.
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I've had some time to think about it, and I've noticed a few things about Power Rangers Super Megaforce.  Don't get me wrong, I want to like it.  I want to think of it as a dream-come-true.  But, there are some things about it that just don't seem right.

For instance, I feel like Saban isn't trying hard enough.  The season is the 20th anniversary, but it just seems too simple.  I think it's relying too much on the source material and footage.  There are some original things, but not enough of it.

Like, the Rangers seem like who they're supposed to be when they're in their normal suits (meaning just Megaforce).  But, when they "morph into Super Mega Mode", they're all of a sudden like longshots just cutting and blasting through the X-Borgs, like they're not even themselves.  When it was normal Megaforce, I actually found it harder to realize that it was transitioning from what was filmed by Saban over to Sentai footage.  Now, it's too obvious.

Once they got this new mode, they were instantly changed from valiant heroes, proud to defend their home planet and looking like it, to five multi-colored Zorros with guns just blowing through everything in their way.  I was okay with the Samurai Rangers always using their Spin Swords, but the difference between the intended premise of Megaforce and the Gokaiger source material is just too big.  It's like when they're in this mode, they're not the teen heroes we know.  Just acting like it while moving about wildly.  It's like the mode is controlling the characters.  Yes, I’m aware that that can be because it’s dubbed.  But, it’s too obvious.  Saban isn’t camouflaging it enough.

In addition, there's stuff like Noah's position in “Blue Saber Saga”.  He's supposed to be the tech genius geek type, and glad to have his friends to help him.  But, in that episode, out of nowhere, he became like Jayden was about Deker.  Determined to fight alone, find a solution alone, practically had to re-learn that his friends were there for him.

That episode's plotline would've fit perfectly fine for Troy or Jake, but they wanted to use the footage of the Blue Ranger.  If they wanted to do that, they could've at least changed the plot of the episode to make Noah more like himself, rather than a sudden loner.  Like, make an original story from using only the footage (like they did in MMPR, when they didn’t know the plots of the Japanese episodes, and just had the footage).  In fact, the way I see it, it would’ve worked out at least a little better if Skatana somehow brainwashed Noah into wanting to fight him.  That might’ve given a better transition for the character.

Not only that, I've been getting the feeling that the season is lacking catchiness.  Like, in terms of names, call-signs, Americanization, etc.  It's using the past seasons' show titles, instead of in-universe team-related stuff (other than just the morphing calls), or more original names/phrases.

I mean, the phrase "Legendary Ranger Mode" is kinda cool, on its own (well, sorta).  But, the names they call out to activate their stuff, it doesn't really seem to fit.  Like "Legendary SPD Megazord", "Legendary Ranger Mode, In Space" or "Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode".  That's too cliché.  It feels like the season is practically breaking the fourth wall with this, knowing the real world source it all came from.  It's practically like the characters are in control of all of it.  Not just the powers, but the show itself.

I think it’d be a lot better if they said stuff like, “Ranger Legend Morph, [team’s morph call] (i.e. Let’s Rocket, Wild Access)” or “Mega Delta Runner Zord”.  Maybe even something like, “Lion Centaur Megazord” instead of "Legendary Wild Force Megazord".

Oh, and there's something else.  They're referring to Orion and “his predecessors” (the past Rangers who are the sixth members of their teams), formally as "The Sixth Rangers".  That really doesn't feel right to me.  I mean, it's fine to categorize them like that on a database or something.  But, making it an official call-sign?  That's not cool.  That really feels like breaking the fourth wall.  Also, I feel that Orion is “unlocking” his new modes too easily.  Like, what exactly did he do to make himself deserve the Q-Rex Megazord and the Super Mega Gold Key, nothing?  Just for possessing a morpher and fighting a battle or two alone, then one ground battle alongside the others?  That’s not how the Power Ranger legacy works.  Heroes are rewarded for their hard work and accomplishments.  But Gosei gave him them for nothing?

Speaking of which, then there’s Gosei.  He’s said to be Zordon’s student, but doesn’t seem to be that.  Zordon had great wisdom and helped the original Rangers with more than just the battle at hand.  He helped them out of real everyday difficulties, like when they doubted themselves, or something.  But Gosei, all he does is provide the Rangers with more equipment for their mission, without any explanations or origins, let alone showing wisdom.  Did Zordon teach him anything worth passing on?  Gosei’s practically like a drop-box for the incoming Sentai material.  Like I said, Saban is relying too much on the source material and footage.  Not enough original stuff.

And I think there’s one more thing.  Vrak is supposed to be part of the Armada, and Prince Vekar’s brother.  But, Saban did nothing to make that believable.  Once Vrak realized he wouldn’t be recognized looking like a cyborg, he just fled and was mentioned only once by his “brother”.  Yes, I know he’s coming back in the later episodes, but I fear that it may not turn out as desirable as could be.  I mean, even in a two-parter, it could likely disappoint.  I just hope that when it comes to pass, it actually gives vibes.

Update 10/25/14:  I just watched Vrak is Back part 1.  It Did give me vibes.  I would've actually been really worried if I didn't know about the rest of the upcoming episodes that will follow.  It was pretty interesting and suspenseful.  I mean maybe it was a little bit of a quick job with how they made it that Vrak used Orion to exploit his plans.  But, the "stealing life force" and "leaving an empty shell" were pretty threat-full sounding.  Could've gotten a bit more depth to it, but it was a good idea on it's own.  I'm already excited to see part 2 next week.  I'm just also dissapointed that after that, we'll be back to watching the show's mistreating of Gokaiger.

Anyway, in ways, part of me is wishing we could’ve gotten something like what I said in one of my previous Journals.  Look here to see what I mean.

Now, here’s something else.  With the release of the teaser for Dino Charge, I see a slight glint of hope for possible redemption for Saban.  I hope Dino Charge turns out more believable, with a better storyline, maintaining the characters’ personalities, and seeming like they’re actually fighting, not voices on top of suit actors.

Well, that's all for this one.  :peace:out, all!


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I know I've told some of you that I've been trying to think about stuff other than PR/Sentai, expand my thinking box.  But, this...Oh This is just Too Incredible!

My recent request to rangeranime, just happens to be his 1000th upload!!!  Yeeaaahh!!

He put up this journal:  I have something special.I have already upload over 950 images.
Here is the thing, right now, I am going to stop uploading my own images and start uploading your requests. Because, I want one of your requests to be my 1,000th upload. Just keep sending requests and you'll know if your request reaches 1,000. You'll see "***1,000th UPLOAD!!!***" displayed in big, bold letters as seen below.

***1,000th UPLOAD!!!***

Remember, when you send me a request, think 1,000. And remember, one request at a time.
 saying someone's request could be his 1000th upload.

And today, he uploaded this, my request:
Dream Teams for Andr-Uril by rangeranime

And it came to be this: 

I  am just SOOOOO Honored!  Not even the word "morphenomenal" can describe this!

It's just too awesome, isn't it?!

Well, that's all for now.  :peace:out!

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This weekend, things were pretty rough.  Nothing seemed to be in control.

Saturday was good though.  I went on my first ever Free Comic Book Day trip.

Sunday started out pretty scary.  I ended up in a car accident!! OMG  My Dad's car got hit pretty hard on the bumper.  But either way, I'm okay, Thank God.  Pray  I feel very blessed that the Lord protected us all.  Me and my family are all okay, though I seem to be the Most okay out of all of us.  The car was left pretty much undriveable, so I couldn't go to see "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" like I had planned to with my friend Vinny.  So, we ended up just hanging out at my house.  However, since I had planned to see Spider-man yesterday, I hadn't planned ahead for Star Wars Day.  So when we couldn't see it, I ended up going through the day unplanned and without Star Wars stuff.

Now, onto today.  My Dad and I planned a rain check (we use that phrase for re-planning in general) to see Spider-man today with Vinny.  But, that went down the drain too.  My Mom got a call from the High School, saying that my younger brother Sam is feeling sick.  He said he started having a headache, then felt a little nauseous, then just in aching pain.  We think he might now be getting full pain effects from the car accident.  So, my parents had to take him to see the doctor.  As a result, when Vinny came over again today, we didn't do much at all, because my Dad couldn't take us to the movie.  Now, here I am just updating you all.

So, because of all of this happening, some things didn't go well.  I need to wait for yet another rain check to see "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", and Star Wars Day ended up not being Star Wars Day for me.

But, regardless.  I indeed feel very blessed that God kept me and my family safe from any real harm in that crash.  Thank the Lord in Heaven I'm okay :pray: remake.

Well, that's basically all of it.  Just thought you all should know.

Have a great day, and God Bless.

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